Meet a child from the Sundarbans. He stays in a village on this remote forest island. The place is called Hingalganj and is in the North 24 Parganas of West Bengal. Just bring him a piece of paper and watch him next. Eager to know what he will do? If the paper you gave him is crispy, he will first make it plain by pressing with his little hands and then folding it in shape to resemble an aeroplane. He will then take this toy aeroplane and throw it up with all his strength into the air.

The paper aeroplane will fly for some time and drop on the ground. But as long as the toy aeroplane will pass, the boy will run after it and pick it up when it falls on the floor. Once he does that, he will again throw the folded paper on the air and repeat the play until the paper is thoroughly dirty and torn. Then he will ask his mother for another piece of paper to make a plane. 

Sometimes the mother would get tired and scold her son, “from where do I get paper every day for you, Rohit?” But Rohit Mondal, the student of the Lower KG class of Swapnapuron Siksha Niketan, will not stop at this. He would sometimes go to his neighbours and ask them to give him a good paper piece. Good neighbours listen and comply with the wish of the little boy. “What would you do with the piece of paper, boy? “One of the senior neighbours asked him one day. Pat came to the answer from the boy, “I am practising flying. I shall become a pilot one day when I grow up”. 

When Rohit was a little smaller a year back, he saw some aeroplanes flying over the field. While the plane flew above, the little boy kept running through the fields as long as he could see the planes flying overhead. When they vanished into the horizon, he stopped. He has seen planes before on the television. On the day he saw them overhead, he asked his father where they came from. “The planes are coming from different countries to the Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport in Kolkata”, was the father’s reply. “They will fly again to distant lands”. Rohit requested his father to show him the Airport at Kolkata. So, one fine holiday the family went on a visit to see Netaji Airport. The rural boy was taken aback to see the place’s grandeur, and his ambition to become a pilot became deep-seated. 

Rohit’s father, Rafik  Mondal, works in a company. His wife is a homemaker. They know they will have to work very hard and practice parsimony to make Rohit’s dream come true. But their only hope is that the boy is intelligent and obedient. He is especially keen on taking his lessons on the English Language. The family has high hopes regarding Swapnapuron Siksha Niketan, the only CBSE English Medium School in the locality where they have enrolled their child. The education system has all state-of-the-art facilities and develops children with a holistic mission. Who knows, one day, his dream may become a reality.

Swapnapuron Siksha Niketan nurtures many such children’s dreams and fuels in them the aspiration to be winners of the future. The school is currently raising funds to upgrade it from a secondary to a higher secondary school. We are counting on readers like you to help fulfil the dreams of hundreds of Rohit.