Date: 25.05.202

Activity: For pre-caution, at night a total number of 93 villagers shifted to our school, Swapnopuron Shiksha Niketan premises. The volunteers followed strict protocols and took severe physical distancing measures. Before evacuation, the temperature of the villagers was recorded with a thermal gun in adherence to the COVID-19 protocol.


Date: 26.05.2021

Activity: Food and Water were supplied by the volunteers for the villagers.



Date: 27.05.2021

Activity: The RR Taskforce reached to Charalkhali and Uttar Mamudpur to find out the situation there and how many people affected by Yaas.


Date: 28.05.2021


The RR Taskforce reached to Jora Battala and Uttar Boltala to find out the situation there and how many people affected by Yaas. On this day our community kitchen was opened up at Jora Battala and Keorakhali (merged spot), Sanhati Sangha (Idgaha Hat), Nazrul Smriti Sangha (Boltala), Atim Khana (Madrasa More). Materials for lunch and dinner were provided for cooking.5 community kitchens are running at 97 booths no. part- 20, 21, 22 supported by Swapnopuron. The RR Taskforce visited the community kitchen to find out how they are running.


Date: 29.05.2021

Activity: The Taskforce members visited the Jora Battala community kitchen to see how they are working.