Yazdani Gazi

This child came in contact with Md. Palash Gaz, one of the teachers of Swapnopuron Sishu Shiksha Niketan. The father of this child used to go for work in Bangalore frequently and had not taken care of the studies of his son. Palash spoke to his father and convinced him about the importance of the psycho-social development of his son.

Although it was not easy to convince them after having several visits and dialogues, the parents agreed to send Yezdani to school. Since the family suffers from a poor economic situation, they were confused about whether they would be able to bear the cost of education. After that, he was admitted to the school and received all the necessary educational materials from the school. Currently, he is studying in Class – I and performing quite well in studies. He has also shown interest in drawing & sports apart from regular studies. His parents are happy with his academic and co-curricular performances. The teachers are also happy with his performance and are constantly keep encouraging the parents.

Sadia Parvin

There was a girl child named Sadia Parvin in class 1 whose behavior was not normal like other children. She used to be very aloof from whatever was happening around her. She used to sit in the classroom looking at everyone with big blank eyes. But at the same time, she was very intelligent in her studies. So, these two contradictory character traits made the teachers think again. It is important to note that she came from a literate family and they provided her with all the necessary things. The teachers could not understand the actual reason for her strange behaviour. After observing her for several days we realized that her overweight had become the biggest barrier for her. She was losing confidence day by day. The teacher of her school started boosting her by trying to put positive thoughts in her. They used to take her name as an example and write her name on board for any good jobs. They also started praising her in all her activities. Slowly but surely, there was a change in her behavior. She was trying to be a confident and self-dependent girl. Finally, she was able to overcome these obstacles and become a very self-sufficient girl. Now, we are very happy to see a smile on her face again. She had become an inspiration to so many students and teachers around her.

Mehedi Hassan

This is a story about a child who had struggled with his severe physical and mental problems. At a very early stage, his parents got separated. As a result of it, he had gone through severe mental trauma. His attitude changed completely and he started showing aggression. In the beginning, his mother was not willing to send him to our school. But after several requests, Mehedi finally took admission at Swapnopuron Sishu Sikhsha Niketan. Insecurity and loneliness made Mehedi very arrogant. We tried to help him with all our love, protection and care. After many efforts, changes came. Now he is studying at class-I at Swapnopuron Shishu Sikhsha Niketan. He is much sober and is concentrating on his studies. Now his mother is also very happy with his performance. SWSSN family wishes him all the success in the coming days.