The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a dramatic loss of human life worldwide and presents an unprecedented challenge to public health, food systems and the world of work. The second wave of COVID-19 is looking large in India. The rural districts of India are witnessing a surge in COVID-19 cases. In remote pockets of Sundarbans, where primary healthcare facilities are in short supply, Asha, Anganwadi workers, and ANM-certified nurses are at the forefront of the fight against the coronavirus. Swapnopuron Welfare Society took the initiative and created a Rapid Response Taskforce (RRT). The teachers of Swapnopuron Shiksha Niketan lead this Taskforce. The functions of the Taskforce are to create awareness, tend to the treatment requirement of the community members and distribute relief in the community.

The Details of the activities performed by the team so far is given below-

Date: 14.05.2021


  • The Rapid Response Team (RRT) mobilised the safety of the 17 ASHA workers in the presence of the Block Development Officer of Hingalganj, North 24 Parganas. It provided the ASHA workers with adequate equipment to combat the situation.
  • The Covid Monitoring and Safety Kit supplied to the ASHA workers contained a thermal gun, oximeter, PPE kits, surgical masks, sanitiser and liquid hand wash, disposable gloves for each worker, and the Preventive Hygiene Kit includes a thermometer, surgical mask. The kits were handed over to the ANM and ASHA workers.

  • Our team also gave them detailed instructions on SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for Rapid Relief Response in case of infection. The ASHA workers were given leaflets for preventive hygiene and social distancing measures. The kits were to be delivered to 1000 needy families under 1 Panchayat.
  • The RRT also collected data on the number of COVID affected people and the number of death due to COVID from the sub-centres.

Date: 16.05.2021

Activities: On this day, the Rapid Response Taskforce served 15 families who were not getting nutritious food due to the lockdown, with Ration Kits which contained Rice, Pulses, Oil, Salt and Mask.

Date: 17.05.2021

Activities: Thirty-seven local people were provided with Ration Kits, which contained Rice, Pulses, Oil, Salt and Mask at Katakhali, Hingalganj.

Date: 18.05.2021



  • The RR Taskforce spread the helpline number of Swapnopuron so that any COVID affected patient can ask for help if they face any difficulty and also opened a control room at Hingalganj, from where they can locate the patients easily and help them with proper treatment.
  • On this day, the RR Taskforce of Swapnopuron also reached a COVID patient at Kalitala suffering from fever and respiratory problems. Swapnopuron team helped by providing the patient with essential medicines like Mox- 500, Ascoril LS, Paracetamols, Omnacortil 40 mg, Gelusil and masks.

Date: 19.05.2021


  • The task force made an alternative duty schedule from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and worked towards collecting details of ASHA workers in 11 Panchayats of Hingalganj and Hasnabad block.
  • The team planned to give preventive hygiene, Monitoring and Safety kits to every ASHA worker to help the affected patients.


Date: 20.05.2021

Activities: The team received the details of clubs/organisation, and another control room was opened at Jogeshganj.

Date: 21.05.2021


  • On this day, 20 ASHA and ANM workers of Barunhat Gram Panchayat, Hasnabad, were provided with PPE kits, Headgear, Mask, Glove, Thermal gun, Oximeter etc. The Swapnopuron team also trained them to use the Thermal gun and Oximeter.
  • One of Swapnopuron Shiksha Niketan guardians had been tested COVID positive on 13.05.2021. For the last two days, she was facing a minor breathing issue. So, the RR team gave her one pulse oximeter to monitor her oxygen saturation regularly. The Team explained the usage and procedures of Oximeter to the parent.

Date: 22.05.2021


  • The RR Taskforce had a good session with eight non-MBBS doctors at the Swapnopuron school compound at 10.30 a.m. The Team shared their plan with the doctors, and they also shared their feedback. The doctors were positive and willing to help the community.
  • The doctors are not vaccinated, but they are still treating the patients day and night whenever they get a call from the patients. They are also trying to supply required medicines to the patients. Most of the cases they are getting are of delaying patients and not willing to test for Covid. The doctors have requested to get a Rapid test which is not quite possible.
    The Team also visited the community to gather information about the situation over there.
  • One of the RR Team members talked with the Hasnabad block BMOH and shared information about their actions.

Date: 23.05.2021


  • Our Taskforce had a session with the Non-MBBS doctors at Bishpur where they have met ten doctors who are serving the community in this situation of COVID. The session was mainly focused on the demonstration of kits.
  • Later that day, Dr. Shamik Ghosh conducted a session with 18 Non-MBBS doctors on how to take care of emergency patients.

Date: 24.05.2021



  • On this day, the RR Taskforce went to the Control Room of Hingalganj and Jogeshganj, contact
    ed all ASHA and ANM workers and non-MBBS doctors to get details about the affected patients.
  • One of the nearby schools sanitised for temporary accommodation for villagers during “Yaas Cyclone”.

Date: 25.05.2021


  • The RR Taskforce volunteers went to the Control Room of Hingalganj and Jogeshganj and followed up with the ASHA, ANM workers and the doctors.
  • Later, at night a total number of 93 villagers shifted to our school, Swapnopuron Shiksha Niketan premises. The volunteers followed strict protocols and took severe physical distancing measures. Before evacuation, the temperature of the villagers was recorded with a thermal gun in adherence to the COVID-19 protocol.

Date: 26.05.2021


  • The RR Taskforce volunteers went to the Control Room of Hingalganj and Jogeshganj and followed up with the ASHA, ANM workers and the doctors.

  • The volunteers supplied food and water for the villagers.