Rukea is a seven year old girl from the Binara village of the Sundarbans. The Amphan had changed her experiences and made her abnormally quiet. The shanty that Rukea lives in with her parents, grandma and little brother was uprooted during the cyclones. This was the first time Rukea has seen her Abbu crying and praying to Allah to bring help to them.

Allah heard the pledge of the poor fisherman. Swapnapuron Welfare Society opened their school building to shelter them for some time. In the meanwhile volunteers from the society had gone with necessary aids for the relief and rebuilt their small shanty along with many others.

Still, Rukea’s anxiety knew no bound. She had reason to panic. The super-cyclone has devastated the area and had totally uprooted the few light posts that were present in the area. Once the night tip-toed, people were in utter panic. Not only were there probabilities of being encroached by the Panthera Tigris, the Royal Bengal Tigers, who crossed the river and rushed into the village in search of prey, but also the fear of being bitten by poisonous snakes haunted them. After all, it is the Sundarbans, the house of many venomous snakes and reptiles.

Rukea and her family were all the more worried when a 13 years old girl from the village was bitten by a venomous snake. She prayed as often as she could for the safety of her family. Abbu came late from fishing often and there was no light to guide him. He had a torch though with a pencil battery but it was too dim to light up the surroundings well. One day Abbu stumbled upon a snake also but by God’s grace, he was saved as the snake was non-venomous. He was saved.

Rukea at her home

Since a year Rukea is back to her original self. She plays with the neighboring kids with mirth. Abbu had been given a solar torch by Swapnapuron. One does not have to go to the distant market to buy batteries. The solar torch batteries work fine to keep the light glowing during the night. Surviving on a bare minimum, buying a torch would have been a burden for her family and Swapnapuron Welfare Society filled in the gap.

There is more to her story. When Abbu comes home, Rukea fixes the solar torch to the bamboo thatched roof of their house. The place is lit up and she studies till late night. Rukea now nurture a dream to be a great doctor one day. Studying at Swapnapuron Siksha Niketan, she has learnt to nurture fresh hopes for the future.

Swapnapuron Welfare Society runs on donations. Having to brave a turbulent year in 2020, the funds have all dried up. After all people must be immediately reached in times of crisis. Added to it Swapnapuron aspires to upgrade the school to a higher secondary level without which the school kids will not get the easy platform to complete schooling. Even a little help extended means a lot now.