Sujay Sarkar – A teacher transforming lives in Sundarbans


Sujay teaching in class

Imagine all the educated youths of the remote islands of the Sundarbans leaving the place in search of jobs in the city. If that is the case, what will happen to the community that struggles to exist among all odds in the delta forest? Sujay Sarkar has been thinking about the same since his college years. So, after completing his studies he decided to stay back in his community and serve as a teacher. Soon he was able to find his coveted vocation at Katakhali Swapnapuron Siksha Niketan. The ideology of the school, that is to empower the community in Sundarbans through education, had struck a chord in his mind. Sujay decided to dedicate his life to the upliftment of the community kids by educating them. A poet at heart, Sujay is in love with his profession as he is with his habitat.

Katakhali Swapnapuron Sikshaniketan and its five early education centres in remotest habitable Sundarbans impart relevant quality education to the children of the communities residing there. He is an enthusiastic teacher teaching at Bena education centre – one of the newest branches of SWS early education centres on the island of Hasnabad-Hingalganj, North 24 Parganas. This area has children coming from “bidi workers  families where in most cases they are raised by single parents.

Sujay dreams of making each of his students a capable and educated human being. With this plight, he joined the school as a teacher on December 19, 2018. Two years down the line, Sujay is known for his enthusiasm, poems, leading innovative teaching activities and recreational programs. Sujay indulges in studies on scientific and experimental methods of teachings. The students love their ‘Sujay Sir’. As if through his eyes, they dream about their future lives. He inspires them to be responsible global citizens.

Life hasn’t been easy for this sole earner of his family. In spite of his love for Science, he had to pursue his degrees in Language as he could not afford to travel to far-off Science colleges. He starts his day at 5 A.M. to prepare for his  20 Kms journey to Bena education centre every day.

With the passion in his heart, Sujay Sarkar is doing a wonderful job and we couldn’t have been luckier to have teachers like him in our team.